Using an AdaFruit OLED display on a Boarduino without a level shifter

Limor's Playground

AdaFruit released a monochrome OLED screen last week and I wanted to test it with a netduino. So, I ported the Arduino driver written by Limor to C#, wrote a basic test app, soldered header pins to the OLED display, hooked it up to my netduino  and… nothing happened. It became clear that I needed to test the OLED display on an Arduino first to make sure that the screen was not defective in the first place.

I had on hand a Boarduino that I had previously upgraded with an Atmega328 and hacked to run on 3.3 volts instead of 5 volts, removing the need to use the level-shifter provided with the OLED display.

Here’s what ‘Frankenduino’ looks like:

The 'shoehorned' 3.3v voltage regulator 🙂

Brain transplant

Frankenduino and OLED display

That's a tiny display!


A few minutes later, I had my answer and the OLED display isn’t the problem here 😉

I’ll post an update soon when I have figured out my netduino driver issue…




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