New PIX-6T4 Game: “Nom Nom” by Stefan Thoolen

The latest addition to the growing collection of classic arcade games  for the PIX-6T4 comes from Stefan Thoolen. The game called “Nom Nom” is a beautifully minimalist take on the “Snake Game”.

Stefan built his PIX-6T4 kit in one evening and developed “Nom Nom” the following day, successfully putting to the test the PIX-6T4 library and its features.

Great work Stefan! Thank you for this very nice contribution 🙂

“Nom Nom” is now included to the games coming with the PIX-6T4 distribution. You can download the source code from \netduino.helpers\Samples\PIX6T4 or in binary format from the PIX-6T4 site.





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