[nwazet modules for Netduino GO!

At last, after nearly five months of working on a secret project, I can finally talk about it!

Today, Secret Labs has released a brand new breed of micro controller boards, the “Netduino GO!” series and it’s a big deal. Why? It’s simple: the GO! system of boards and smart peripherals enables anyone to dream up a device or a process and assemble it as if playing with electronic LEGO blocks. No soldering iron required, no deep understanding of analog / digital electronics and communication protocols needed: just bring your imagination, basic programming skills and you’re on your way to building great things! This is the promise that Netduino GO! makes and delivers, by design. Unlike Gadgeteer, the Netduino GO! system has a single, universal socket type, designed to avoid incompatible connections that have the potential of damaging peripherals and main boards equally. In fact, it’s (nearly) kid-proof 😉

GO! scales out with project needs: peripherals can act independently of the main board and of each other. They can efficiently manage their  power requirements and communications, making it ideal for creating sensor networks and meshes. Naturally, GO! can also connect to the Internet.

For the Netduino GO! launch, our proud contribution to the ecosystem comes in the form of GO! peripherals, starting with a Touch Display module,

a Relay module for switching big loads ON / OFF,

a power supply module (soon to be listed on the nwazet site) capable of delivering 800 mA whenever a project needs more than what a standard USB port can provide.

In addition, we have designed a clean solution for mounting GO! boards and modules of various dimensions:

That’s all for the time being, but stay tuned: the GO! revolution has just begun…




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