Netduino GO! Hacking – Breaking out sockets

 Now that you have a Netduino GO! micro controller, you may be looking for a good way to break out the 10-pin IDC sockets on the main board in order to connect to a variety of devices that you may already own, or perhaps, you want to plug into a breadboard and start prototyping your own module or a cool new project?

In this article, I’ll visually describe the simplest method that I’ve found for breaking out sockets, which only requires a “Dual Row 1.27mm Pitch 10-Pin Female Header to DIP-10 Adapter“:

and M/F jumper wires:

This method is simpler than using “Dual Row 1.27mm Pitch 10-Pin Male Header to DIP-10 Adapter” because there’s a direct connection to the target device which eliminates the extra hop through a breadboard normally required when using an IDC cable and a male dip-10-adapter socket.

For instance, this is how I directly connected an SD card reader to my Netduino GO! from which I could read and display picture files:

The GO! socket pin out 

(click on the image for a larger view)

That’s all there’s to it 🙂

Happy hacking,



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  2. Khalid Ali · July 11, 2015

    How did you initialize the SD card on Visual Studio? Looking to do a similar setup.

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