[nwazet Touch Display Module – 3 Step Assembly Procedure

 This tutorial will walk you through the [nwazet Touch Display Module assembly procedure that we recommend following. When shipping out modules, we want to be sure that they will be safe during their transport. To this end, after testing each one, we pack the touchscreen in its OEM case, which provides the best protection.

The side of the module where the touchscreen needs to be fitted is marked with a white silkcreen frame with a section of VHB (Very High Bond) double-sided tape at the center:

Step 1

Gently lift the brown plastic flap of the Hirose connector and push the flexible touchscreen connector into it until it is squarely fitted at the end of the socket. Then, secure the touchscreen connector by slowly closing the flap until it ‘clicks’ shut. The cable should feel snug into the Hirose socket and the flap should be flat.

Step 2

Flip the module over and peel off the plastic sheet from the VHB tape.

Step 3

Using the white dotted silkscreen frame as a guide, center the touchscreen within the frame. Only stick the touchscreen onto the VHB tape once you’re satisfied with the alignment: the VHB tape is extremely sticky and is designed to create a permanent bond between the module’s PCB and the touchscreen after curing for 24-48 hours at room temperature. Press and hold the touchscreen against the VHB tape for a good minute to create a solid initial bond. When pressing the touchscreen onto the VHB tape, hold the edges of the display. Never press hard on touchscreen during the assembly procedure or you could crack it.

Finally, peel off the protective plastic sheet from the touchscreen:

Your [nwazet Touch Display Module is now ready for action!




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