We’ve got the power! (for your Netduino Go! projects)

We just received our new Power Supply Module from the assembly house 🙂

It is the easiest way to power your Netduino Go! projects away from a computer once you’re done building it. The module will fit nicely on the top-left corner of our Large Plate or of our Stackable Plate. This module is equipped with a standard center-positive 2.0mm barrel jack and will take any power supply, such as a wall-wart, a 9 volt battery or a cigarette-lighter adapter, between 7 and 20 volts and will output a nicely regulated 5 volts at up to 800 mA. Just connect the micro USB cable that you’re using today with your Netduino Go! to the power supply module and you’re good to go. The module also features a large switch to let you turn your project ON / OFF smoothly and easily.

Power Specifications

It’s tiny but packs a nice punch:

  • Voltage Input: 7v (min) to 20v (max)
  • Voltage Output: 5v regulated
  • Current Output: 800 mA (max)
  • 1.0v Dropout
  • Barrel Jack: 2.0mm diameter with the positive voltage at the center


  • The hole-to-hole dimensions of the module are 30mm x 25mm
  • The total size of the board is 40mm x 35mm
Hacking the Netduino Go! for power-hungry projects

We will follow up soon with a post showing how to take advantage of the 800 mA provided by the [nwazet Power Supply Module going beyond the 500mA imposed by the USB power circuit on the Netduino Go!





  1. mgbloomfield · May 23, 2012

    I wonder if there’s a way to use a battery pack to power the Netduino Go. Long-term goal? Power the Netduino Go for a Quadcopter.

    • Fabien Royer · May 23, 2012

      You can use our power supply with a battery pack as it is: I’m using a huge LiPo battery connected to a 2.0mm plug for that purpose 🙂

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