Seattle Mini Maker Faire: [nwazet demos source code / designs

We just updated our BitBucket repository with the  source code of the demos and supporting drivers, libraries and designs that we showed at the Seattle Mini Maker Faire a few weeks ago, including:

and the supporting bits:
  • Nwazet Adafruit Max6675 Thermocouple amplifier C# driver
  • Nwazet RGB LED Display driver for the Adafruit LPD8806
  • Nwazet Joystick module STM8S C driver
  • Nwazet Joystick module Eagle schematics / board layout
  • Nwazet Joystick module C# driver
  • Nwazet SerialLib message handler

We hope that you will find this code fun and useful in getting started building real applications with Netduino Go! today: with a little bit of creativity, it is easy to adapt a wide variety of existing hardware components for integration with Netduino Go!

No need to wait: just jump in and start building and integrating 🙂


-Fabien & Bertrand.

Video walkthrough of the demos


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