Flashing Go Modules using ST Microelectronics’ Flash Loader Demonstrator

In this video, I demonstrate how to build a simple breakout board to connect a Go! module to an FTDI ‘USB to Serial’ breakout board for the purpose of updating the module’s firmware. The application used to download the firmware to the module is provided by ST Microelectronics. This method has been tested with ARM Cortex Mx and STM8S chips and works very reliably.




Nwazet Source repository

Nwazet firmware files

Map file for the STM32F051x

Adafruit FTDI Friend + extras – v1.0

Adafruit USB FTDI cable – TTL-232R 3.3V

Sparkfun FTDI Basic Breakout – 3.3V

Sparkfun FTDI Cable 5V VCC-3.3V I/O

ST Flash Loader Demonstrator

Netduino Go! IDC Connector Breakout

Netduino GO! Hacking – Breaking out sockets

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