Driving an 8×8 LED matrix with a netduino using persistence of vision

As part of a netduino hacking tutorial that I’m authoring with my friend Bertrand, I wrote a set of classes designed to drive an 8×8 LED matrix relying on persistence of vision.

Here’s what the end result looks like:

The code is posted here.

Instead of creating my own font for this test, I went old school with a classic Commodore 64 font which fits nicely in an 8×8 matrix.

Embedding the bitmap into the code required converting it to a monochrome .bmp file using Paintbrush, then converting it to hex codes with the help of EZBMP, which was trivial.

The following image shows how to connect the matrix and the shift register to the netduino:

Pin mapping (netduino -> shift register -> matrix)


Happy hacking!

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